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Continuous Transformation Management

Leading edge techniques, practices and skills for succeeding in environments of unceasing radical change at increasing speeds.

iMind Certification Courses

iMind proprietary professional certifications in methods, practices, and tools that bring about successful culture, organization and digital transformation with speed and resiliency.

Transformational Leadership for Continuous Transformation

New techniques and skills specifically for leading people and teams  through digital and organizational transformation and in transformed operations.

Change Intelligence for Continuous Transformation

Techniques, skills and success strategies for working in high ambiguity, rapidly changing environments for long periods of time - or as the 'new normal'.

continuous transformation

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continuous transformation management

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Many of our courses are held in cities across Canada and the United States and we proudly present Canada's only conference on business transformation annually. Now and then we also hold webinars that deal with very specific transformation challenges or explore new thought in the business transformation landscape.

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Members get benefits like course and product discounts, hours of coaching included at no charge, free books, papers, and samples.  In order to take a course you will need a membership.

Individual membership is free.  All other memberships have nominal one-time fees… so no annual renewals to maintain.   We’re here for you and your business, and our goal is to produce so much high value content that you’ll have plenty of reasons to keep coming back!

Available to government, privately owned, or publicly traded companies as well as non-profit and charitable organizations.

Specifically for professional associations and their members. For example, ACMP, PMI, IIBA, CMC etc.

Available to post-secondary institutions - you know who you are!

Firms that do work in the business transformation space, offer staff augmentation, project contractors, and management consulting services.

Virtually anyone with and interest in the millennial mindset, the socioeconomic conditions associated with the emerging Millennium Age, and the origins of business transformation. Individual memberships are free when a free or paid course is taken.


What Students Say...


"Addresses the fear factor", "I like how it all fits together", "Obviously a lot of research and work went into this"

Calgary Class,
Students at the 2018 Live CTMF Course

"This is something I can use", "Timely, so very timely", "Gets to the core of business transformation"

Regina Class,
Students at the 2018 Live CTMF Course

“deep”, “exciting”, “like nothing else out there”, “fully tooled”, “three dimensional”, “accurately depicts the millennial mindset”, “should be an MBA course at every university”, “adaptable/scalable to any organization or level of work”, “applicable to change management, business analysis, and project management”, “a set of disciplines every senior leader in business should learn and know”

Winnipeg Class,
Students at the 2018 Live CTMF Course

"Tools to deal with reality of the modern work world", "I can't imagine anyone other than Dr. Miller teaching this subject!"

Vancouver Class,
Students at the 2018 Live CTMF Course

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