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As we encounter trends in the day to day challenges our clients face in their transformation efforts, we post articles here offering insights, strategies and tactics that leverage your ability to move through similar situations.

Transformation Inspiration Vol. 4 – November 2015

Transformation Inspiration Vol 3 – October 2015

Truths About Transformation – Part III Are We Transforming Yet?

With the fuller picture of the end transformed state tough to pin down, how does the organization get a bead […]

Truths About Transformation – Part II How Far Is It From Here to Transformed?

  Transformation demands that the organization get serious about matching how it originates, orients, and conducts business with the nature, […]

Truths About Transformation – Part I Is it Really Transformation?

After chipping away to bring out clarity of purpose and a unified effort to transform for years, many organizations are […]

The Well-Placed Voice of IT at the Executive Table – the Power of WE

– By Dr. Linda Miller Many organizations still see their IT function as non-strategic – lying somewhere on the continuum […]

Co-Creation Applied – Are You Ready?

Transformation by Co-Creation Why would you tap into consumer wisdom before you tap your internal experts for advice about how […]

Transformative Change – It’s Bigger Than You Think

Dr. Linda Miller’s latest article in Government CIO Magazine talks about how approach communicating that a transformative effort is approaching.  […]