Framework Application


Based in 4 years of research in applying the principles of business psychology and human evolution related to organizational thinking, and more than a decade of practical experience in adapting these to promote the success of transforming organizations, the Transformational Organization Paradigm addresses all aspects of the organization:

  • Governance & Strategy
  • Operations
  • Portfolios and Programs

components diagram

The underpinnings of the Transformational Organization Paradigm and its components are:

  • Global best practices in business transformation
  • Global best practices in change management
  • International standards for executive coaching and leadership development
  • New thought in the area of business psychology and organizational design and development
  • New thought in the area of radical change and transformative change triggered by ‘New Millennium’ business environment pressures

The Continuous Transformation Management Framework is a set of practical tools and approaches to improving the organizations ability to transform : more cost effectively, in greater alignment with the transformation vision – the organizations new ‘trajectory’.

The METRIC model is the set of measures that answer the question ‘are we transforming’.