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Initial Meeting

Why Digital Modernization,
Business & Digital Transformation
(for Viability and as a Growth Strategy)
Need My Advisory Services


Based on the bit of information exchanged on Advisory Cloud,
two services collections are suitable.
Of course these can be blended.
What you choose here hinges on how much assistance you'll need
with software vendor selection and project oversight.

[10 min reads in PDF - Open & Download]

The two journeys can be blended,
based upon an assessment and strategy we develop together.
Once step 2 is done, you'll be clear on not only what you need from me,
but you'll be clear about ALL that you need in order to achieve your goals.

Each journey is series of defined stages and steps, time tested and proven to be effective.

Dr. Miller has spent the last decade doing the kind of work you are considering,
and applying these stages and steps for her local and international clients.

Detailed outlines of each stage in each journey will be added below
leading up to and after our initial meeting
These materials will assist you in envisioning
how we would work together.