Continuous Transformation Management Framework – 4 Day Certification & Exam

Continuous Transformation Management Framework – 4 Day Certification & Exam

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For those who like to learn in privacy or on your own time.

The Continuous Transformation Management Framework course is a 'child' methodology to the Transformational Organization Paradigm and is the foundation for all other certifications within the TOP suite. The framework taught in this course enables the transforming organization to:

  1. Know exactly where to start with transformation efforts
  2. Know how much transformation is being achieved
  3. Know why transformation efforts are or are not making progress
  4. Rely upon consistent forward motion, avoiding getting 'stuck'
  5. Progress at precisely the right speed of transformation for their organization
  6. Optimally use what is at hand to create effective and real transformation

The CTMF® course is valuable learning for anyone involved in business transformation.  Certification is best suited for professionals who have education and professional experience in 3 or more of the following disciplines.

✓ Organizational Design and Development
✓ Change Management
✓ Information Technology
✓ Executive Leadership Development
✓ Business Transformation Project and Portfolio Management

Prior certifications in Project Management, Change Management and Executive Coaching will optimally enable the student in successfully
applying and supporting the framework and the methods and techniques it contains.


  • Presents a live course in it's entirety for a full classroom experience
  • Includes a lifetime membership and lifetime template upgrades
  • Includes 5 hours coaching with Dr. Linda Miller so you get real lift when you apply the practices and tools

Daily Outlines

Exam (optional)

The exam is taken in 5 parts:

  1. End of day one, 20 minute complex multiple choice
  2. End of day two, 20 minute complex multiple choice
  3. End of day three, 20 minute complex multiple choice
  4. End of day four, 20 minute complex multiple choice
  5. End of course, case study, 20 minute complex multiple choice


Course Curriculum



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  • mm

    November 11, 2018 at 05:09 am

    Great course!