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2023 WINNIPEG | Three Day Certification: The Continuous Transformation Management Framework Course

Winnipeg RBC Convention Center 375 York Avenue, Winnipeg

Certification Exam is Optional

The discipline of managing continuous transformation is not about better work management or adding rigor – but rather it is about making a shift in paradigm into an organization continuously transforming away from deeply embedded Industrial Age thinking and methods and toward alignment with Millennium Age principles and demands.

While the earmarks of transformation are the depth of unknowns and the imperative to radically alter nearly every aspect of corporate culture, ways of working, and manner of relating - business (and digital) transformation moves in consistent and predictable ways, and as such can be managed with a specific set of practices. These practices make up the Continuous Transformation Management Framework.

Techniques and tools in the framework are applied from inside transformation initiatives outward to the heart of corporate ways of working, values and beliefs, and culture – altering how people think about their work, their work relationships and their part in the organization and its transformation.