IFRS 17 DIY Organizational Transformation Suite

Dr. Miller was so inspired by her experience with IFRS 17 she developed a suite of tools to assist insurance companies in structuring and prioritizing their change and transformation effort.

Designed as a practical, turn-key approach to the multi-facetted human aspects of developing and implementing IFRS 17 solutions, the IFRS 17 Suite accelerates efforts to meet the dramatic capability demands presented by the standard.

And, because IFRS 17 is just the beginning of a series of radical industry changes, the IFRS 17 Suite takes a long range perspective, positioning the insurance company for not just IFRS 17 compliance, but the series of transformations that the standard sets the stage for.

The IFRS 17 suite offers a fast track to successful IFRS 17 transformation covering IFRS17 implementation and the 5 years after the insurance company is complaint.

  • Jump-start or elevate your IFRS 17 organizational change effort

  • Leverage the robustness of your compliance

  • Position for the radical industry change IFRS 17 sets the stage for

  • Have a competitive advantage over the next 5 years of continuous transformation

An investment in the IFRS 17 Suite provides:

  • the building blocks of organizational agility,
  • ways to gain speed and consistent forward motion on transformation initiatives, and
  • techniques that deliver growth in transformation capacity and capability

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IFRS 17 Books

Books that inspire and guide IFRS 17 implementers, and foster deep understandings about ‘the why’.

IFRS 17 and Beyond - An Insurance Industry Transformation

A retrospective of the socio-economic origins and insights surrounding the IFRS 17 standard and its immediate and long term implications.

IFRS 17 and Beyond Organizational Transformation Playbook

A set of organizational change strategies designed for IFRS 17 solutions implementation and beyond that for equipping the insurance company to face the radical change following compliance.

It will be no small task to make the needed adjustments to operating and business models once the new truths associated with IFRS 17 compliance become clear.

Many insurance companies already know how their business must be reshaped.

With so much sensitive work to do and limited time and money, some expert help that quickly establishes an organizational transformation effort is warranted.

Also in eBook Format

These two books offer:

  • knowledge transfer to people not familiar with what IFRS 17 is and what it means;
  • introduction to turn-key tools that launch an IFRS 17 specific organizational change effort; and
  • leadership resources for the unprecedented contexts IFRS 17 presents.

Just need a second opinion about how OCM should work for IFRS17? Or  bit of inspiration?  These books are for you...

IFRS 17 Toolkits

Toolkits that contain completed IFRS 17 organizational transformation deliverables, fully editable by the user to reflect their transformation environment.


IFRS 17 and Beyond - Organizational Transformation Toolkit
  • A complete set of OCM deliverable documents, fully formed and editable by the IFRS 17 implementation team.
  • 22+ completed documents that enact the playbook strategies
  • Adheres to global best practices in initiative change management, learning development, and organizational transformation
  • No guess work, created by Dr. Miller using her decades of experience in insurance and her mastery in business transformation, digital transformation, information technology governance, organizational change management, and business architecture

IFRS 17 & Beyond Branded Initiative Materials

Part of a multi-year transformation program, these items promote awareness of all that IFRS 17 is and the exciting industry change that implementers and impacted people are participating in. They are a thank you from the company for the commitment and endurance of the people involved.


Branded Inspirational Items for a Full-On Multi-Year Program

Make the IFRS 17 initiative an inspiration to implementers using the toolkit, and appreciate the efforts of implementers and impacted people with a simple token of their investment in the difficult work to realize the IFRS 17 vision.

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IFRS 17 Bundles

A packaged set of IFRS 17 books, toolkit, and inspirational items, some with advisory services bundled. Everything needed to launch the OCM stream of IFRS 17 solution implementation.


IFRS 17 Advisory Support

A few hours with Dr. Miller may be all you need to apply the strategies, tactics, tools and techniques offered in the IFRS 17 Suite.

Tap into Dr. Millers' mastery in:

  • Strategic initiative management
  • Organizational change and transformation
  • Digital transformation
  • Information technology governance & management
  • Business architecting and process engineering

Big 4 consulting in your corner without the big price tag.