The IFRS 17 and Beyond Organizational Transformation Toolkit


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CD Format or Jump Drive Format

The toolset is geared to jump-start IFRS 17 organizational change, whether you’re strictly DIY on change management or you have engaged an organizational change management leader.

Contains 39 completed or partially completed strategies, plans, designs and models for IFRS 17 organizational transformation.

Your investment covers IFRS 17 implementation and the next 5+ years of radical industry change that IFRS 17 sets the stage for.

Start anywhere. Use a little or a lot. Apply it directly or use as inspiration and to leverage your time.

The books offer in depth explanation of and high level strategies for the organizational implications of IFRS 17 and all that it sets the stage for over the next 5 to 10 years of insurance industry transformation.

The materials in this toolkit offer detailed strategies and tools.  Together with the two books, the the learning curve is reduced for people new to the IFRS 17 initiative, and organizational change management effort can be commenced immediately. All the guesswork is eliminated.

Read the materials, select the ones that you need, edit them to suit your particular circumstances, put them into action… your OCM work stream is launched!

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CD Format or Jump Drive

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All the tools you need to initiate and manage IRFS 17 implementation while positioning for horizon radical insurance industry change. The concepts and tools in this kit span the next 5 years – through IFRS 17 compliance and beyond.

Contains more than 20 OCM deliverables that are 50% or more complete in editable MS Word and MS Excel files.

Tools and techniques that are described in this book position the organization not just to comply with the IFRS 17 standard but provides a jumping off point for oncoming radical change in the industry.  The toolkit is a turn-key solution for making IFRS 17 transformation and is detailed but light in process. It is supported by an online customer platform and advisory services directly from Dr. Linda Miller.

To use the IFRS 17 and Beyond Organizational Change Toolkit:

  • Read  the book titled IFRS 17 and Beyond – An Insurance Industry Transformation
  • Read the book titled IFRS 17 and Beyond Organizational Transformation Playbook
  • Review the contents of the toolkit and select from among the completed or partially completed artifacts and documents
  • Adapt each of the artifacts and documents to suit the business context
  • Use the documents as reference when:
    • Understanding and managing initiative change management function
    • Initiating change management activities on the IFRS 17 initiative
    • Change management activities are not producing the desired results
    • When coaching peers or direct reports in leading change
    • When coaching peers or direct reports in shifting from Industrial Age paradigms to Millennium Age paradigms

The toolkit may evolve over the coming years, however at a minimum it will contain completed or partially completed documents for IFRS 17 implementation as follows:

  1. Event Definition
  2. Trajectory Definition
  3. Implications Definition
  4. New Business Value Proposition Definition
  5. Transformational Vision Definition
  6. Paradox Definition Tracking & Management
  7. Breakdown-Breakthrough Definition & Management
  8. Change Intelligence® Assessment
  9. Change Intelligence® Development Plan
  10. Values & Belief System Gap Assessment
  11. Impact Assessment & Heat Map
  12. Organizational Change Management Strategy
  13. Communication Strategy
  14. IFRS 17 Online Resources & Community Hub Design
  15. Coaching Plans for IFRS 17 Initiative Teams (delivered by Leaders)
  16. Learning Development Plans for IFRS 17 Implementers
  17. Learning Development Plans for Impacted People and Groups
  18. Learning Development Plans for Executives
  19. Key Messages and Language Sets
  20. Readiness Assessments
  21. Feedback and Information Gathering Surveys

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