The Transformational Organization Paradigm in PDF

The Transformational Organization Paradigm in PDF


A multi-dimensional look at the thought-paradigms in play in this time of  dramatically changing attitudes and motivations for doing business and what it takes to shift into alignment with New Millennium ways of doing business.

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This book advises on the changing emphasis of leadership in an emerging era that demands a shift from Industrial Age command and control thinking through Information Age knowledge-enabled ingenuity to New Millennium individualized meaning and contribution centricity.

The Transformational Organization Paradigm™ is a method and a style; it is a philosophy and a strategy; it is a tool and an outcome; it is a way of being. It represents a set of universal characteristics that underpin the New Millennium business environment, and is comprised of organizational disciplines that support an accelerated pace of business evolution.

Moving into a transformational paradigm is probably not optional for most companies in the post-millennial world. Regardless of what angle you are coming at it from: financial meltdown, globalization, competitive positioning, consumer demand, or employee talent retention, continuous transformation is your new reality.